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Asimut Proactive Contact Web Interface – Asimut PCWebi Product Comparison

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Give your agents the tools to become masters of their trade. Asimut Proactive Contact Web Interface provides an intuitive user friendly interface that allows agents to work expeditiously and confidently.

Product ComparisonPCWebi –Trial VersionPCWebi Standard Edition
Log Off:
Allows agents to log off from Proactive Contact.
Log Off ACD:
Allow agents to log off ACD, indicating agents will not be available for ACD inbound calls.
Log On:
Allow agents to log in to Proactive Contact.
Log On ACD:
Allow agents to log on to the ACD to receive ACD inbound calls.
List Jobs:
Allows agents to list all available jobs depending on job type, inbound, blended, outbound or managed.
Join a Job:
Allows agents to select a job and start working on the job records
Release Line:
Releases the telephone line, but agent remains on the customer record.
Call Disposition:
Allows agents to set a call outcome.
Hang-up Call:
Allows agents to hang-up a call. This function will not release the line, so it is useful for performing manual calls and other tasks that require an available line.
Hold Call:
Allows agent to put a call on hold.
Transfer Call & Conference- Hookflash Line (Phone Number Required):
Used when Proactive Contact is connected to a switch that accepts hookflash-initiated transfers. The customer is placed on hold and the agent may speak to the transferee. A conferencing is possible.
Adjust Headset:
Changes volume setting for headset or earpiece.
Dial Digits:
It is mainly used to allow agents to call customer telephone number extensions that require the agent to pause or to enter the * or # tones.
Do Not Call:
Allows agents to identify a record as “do not call” or (DNC). All matching records on other calling lists are also marked as DNC.
Get Headset Volume:
Shows current agent’s earpiece volume and mouth piece volume.
List Units:
Allows agents to see units associated with a job the agent has joined.
Managed Call:
Allow agents to work on managed calls.
Manual Call:
Allows agents to place manual calls.
Blind Call Transfer – Voice and Record:
Transfers a customer to another job (job name required). The agent does not remain on the line during the transfer. If no agents are available the customer gets placed in the queue. Conferencing is not possible.
Supervised Call Transfer – Voice and Record:
Transfers a customer to another job (job name required). The agent remains on the line during the transfer. If no agents are available the customer is reconnected back to the agent. Conferencing is not possible.
Send Message:
Allows agents to send message to the Proactive Contact supervisor.
Set Call Back:
Allows agents to set a call back time.
Set Agent Password:
Allows agents to set their own passwords.
Transfer Call & Conference:
Allows agents to transfer a call (voice only.)
Cancel Transfer:
Allows agent to cancel a transferred call, but only be the agent is able to speak with the person receiving the transfer. Once the person receiving the transfer respond, the transfer can’t be cancelled.
Unhold Call:
Takes a call off hold.
Customer Record Update:
Allows agents to update customer records directly on the dialer.
Agent Reporting:
Allows agent to keep track of their own activity, measure. This feature can be disabled.