Systems Integration

Microsoft offers technology solutions for organizations seeking to streamline their operations without sacrificing functionality or strategic alignment. Asimut Technology Solutions employs a personalized approach to ensure these enterprise solutions are implemented and optimally configured to address your specific concerns.

Asimut's consultants first gain an understanding of how the business problem fits into your operations. We then help develop your strategy and implement it.

The result enables your organization to work faster and more effectively, manage processes more efficiently, and communicate easily across the enterprise and externally with information delivered in a personal, meaningful context.

Application Development

The world of computer applications is virtually limitless. With Moore's law holding true year after year, computing power has been improving exponentially, and the question that faces most application developers is no longer "what can we do?" but rather, "can we do it cost-effectively?" With all the computing power and speed of today's processors, developers rarely have to worry about having enough processing power to run their applications; they only have to worry about how to make them work cheaply yet well.

Our Information Architecture team can help you prioritize technology decisions, provide deep analysis of business processes, and recommend how to best apply technologies to meet your business needs and deliver timely and cost-effective solutions.

Web Application Design

We create the best representation on the web for your business. Whether your goals are simply to inform your prospetive clients and partners about your business on the web, or whether you require a full scale web application solution that works as part of the service your business provides, Asimut specialists can help ensure that the latest and most cost effective technologies are used to meet your business needs. We design and deliver both internal web applications as well as web portals for companies, from user interface design, architecture and all the way to deployment.