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Click to Dial – Asimut C2D Product Comparison

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Give your agents the tools to dial mobile numbers quickly and efficiently with Asimut C2D system.

Product ComparisonAsimut C2D –Free Trial VersionAsimut C2D Standard Edition
Connect Extension:
Validates agent’s extension.
Make Call:
Places call to outside numbers.
Create Jobs/Campaign:
Allows administrators to create jobs based on a configurable set of criteria.
Schedule Jobs:
Allows administrators to run jobs in automatic mode. Administrators can set a start or end date and time, day of the weeks the jobs should run can be specified.
Automatic Data Upload:
Administrators can provide data files containing records for creating jobs or campaigns. Data files can be provided for progressive data upload or removal of data (kill files.)
Drop Call:
Drops the call associated with the agent extension.
Puts the call associated with the agent extension on hold.
Retrieves a call associate with extension.
Allows agents to select a job and start working on the job records.
Single Step Conference:
Places a conference call to Number to Call customer is not put on hold.
Single Step Transfer
Places a transfer call to Number to Call, does not put customer on hold.
Consultation Call:
Places a conference call to a number to call and puts customer on hold. It passes additional information related to the call.