Company Overview


Asimut Technology Solutions was formed in early 2005 by a small group of software engineers specialized in custom application development for financial service institutions. The name Asimut is derived from the word Azimuth, meaning “the way, or a compass bearing.” Our goal is to guide clients through implementation of innovative technology solutions that uniquely solve today’s business challenges.

Asimut Technology Solutions engineers have unrivaled expertise developing high-quality, highly avaialble business solutions, database models and thin client telephony application solutions. We excel at developing reliable, extensible software for mission-critical applications and essential business processes. Asimut Technology Solutions has a proven track record of successfully completing challenging software development projects within our client’s required timeframes and budgets.

Our clients are businesses and leaders in their area of expertise requiring deep technical knowledge and a demonstrated ability to deliver reliable software, dependable service and custom solution applications that achieve specific business goals. We are a low-risk, high-value, cost-effective addtion to your business’ most complex problems.